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I’ve pressed ‘publish’ so with a bit o’luck, it should go live tomorrow and I will be able to make it free from mon-fri.  I’ve booked a mini-tour with the wonderful gay book promotions and will be here, there ‘n’ everywhere with the very lovely people listed below. Thank you so much, in advance, for having me.


I’ve updated the cover a tad, to differentiate it from The Prince & The Prowler a mite more, while staying true to the heart of the story, as ’twere. The cravat pin appears in all three books, so it felt the perfect cover for the trilogy.






Tour Tales

Darkness Dawns Blog Tour

Many thank yous to the fabulous Gay Book Promotions ❤🧡💛💚💙💜



Today was a whirl of wondrous on the first stops of my tour…

Thank you Maggie Blackbird for inviting me to write about characters with disabilities.

Many thanks to Addison Albright for having me…and for the fabulous questions. Particularly on the release day of her new novel Okay, Then



It is sitting on my Kindle as I write, waiting for me to finish the brilliant Boys On Film by Lily G. Blunt



Thank you to the The Blogger Girls for hosting an exclusive excerpt of Darkness Dawns. Nary a word of it has been posted elsewhere.

💞Thank you so muchalots: 💞

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