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Seasons Greetings ❤️🎄❤️I hope you had the very best Christmas possible.🥰

Having attempted to write a few reviews and post them here, I’ve realised that Book Bloggers don’t recieve the plaudits they deserve. For the time they invest in our stories and the heart put into their work, day after day, book after book. It’s no small task, trying to write an insightful review. Let alone one worth reading. I very much doubt that I’ve pulled it off yet.

I feel far more comfy releasing a novel than posting a review—when it’s my heart on the line—not that of a fellow author.😨 Posting a review is scary; they feel more revealing than my books. There I am, in the white spaces between the words, naked without a character to wear. 😳

Anyhoo, without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things… Pt 1

Book Bloggers…

The discovery of a favourite book blog is up there with happening upon an author I adore. For much the same reason: their wonderful way with words that feel as welcoming as they are a pleasure to read.

(I haven’t included favourite Author Websites, that’s a post for another day…)


The Quille and Lampe

If ever your love of books and passion for stories has flatlined and needs rocket fuelling, I doubt there’s a finer place to rekindle those flames.🥰 Warm, witty and utterly unique. Every word a gem…and most of them inimitable.


Never Hollowed By The Stare

A wonderful book blog packed with personality, fabulous tags, reviews, playlists & LGBTQ movie news, too. One of my favourite places to visit, full stop. It’s my ‘magazine’ of choice.


Books Best Blog

My favourite all-inclusive (both LGBTQ and M/F novels) book blog. Particularly fabulous if you delight in darker tales. In many genres. I love reading the reviews, even if I know I’ll never read the books themselves.


❤️ ‘My Way’ will be out in the New Year. Mehopes ❤️